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Did you know there are almost 1 billion websites online and almost 3 billion internet users.

Is your website lost in a sea of websites? Are you paying for SEO services? Is your website on the front page in a search?

SEO Services and
Sales Representatives

Do you believe you have the best SEO company working on your website? Did you know that the top SEO companies never make "sales calls" or do any email marketing? Why? It's simple they work solely by word of mouth, their results speak for themselves. They will never call your business with those SEO sales pitches we have all been subjected to.

If you own a website then you probably receive sales calls and emails pitching SEO services. These sales and marketing techniques are usually SEO scams. Like used car sales, once they get your information they are relentless.

Good SEO isn't Cheap
and Cheap SEO isn't Good.

The best way for you to protect yourself and the investment that you make in your website is through education. SEO training is not just for those who want to learn how to do search engine optimization, it is also a great way to protect yourself from the never ending sales calls you receive. Once you are educated in proper SEO techniques and know the right questions to ask, you cannot be taken advantage of.

If you want the best SEO company working on your website, expect to pay. The top SEO companies usually won't even touch your website without a retainer of $5000.00 or more. These are SEO professionals they produce results and will provide you with a ROI. SEO works and is well worth the investment when you work with a reputable company.

The SEO companies that are calling and emailing you with SEO sales pitches are not going to provide you with the same results. Their goal is quantity not quality. The more websites they sign up the better. Think about it.

Let's compare SEO sales to car sales. Does Ferrari, Maserati or Bentley advertise? Do you see commercials for these car brands? Now on the other hand you are constantly bombarded with used car sales gimmicks on the radio, TV, internet and print ads. It is important that you start to see these SEO sales calls and emails for what they are in order to protect yourself.

We all know someone who was sold a "lemon" by some slick salesperson and kicked themselves for falling for the sales pitch. The SEO service field is a lot like this. There are a lot of slick sales people selling lemons out there, educating yourself is the only way to protect your investment.

Top SEO companies are focused on performance and results, not sales. This is why they don't go fishing for new SEO clients, they don't need to. The clients come to them.

With over 8 years in this industry I have heard a ton of horror stories from people who have signed up for a website or SEO services. On the mild end of the scale some just paid their monthly fees and never saw a ROI, while others have had their websites deleted or destroyed by bad link building techniques. The search engines rely on you to put your best foot forward with your website, proper coding, good content and a good reputation online. Cheap services will never get you to the top 10 spots in a search. Its like expecting your backyard shed to be the most profitable business location in your city. SEO is like real estate and it's all about location location location.

If you are truly interested in improving your websites rankings in the search engine you must educate yourself. You cannot rely on the person you are paying for services to tell you the truth, unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. They are there to take your monthly fees and keep you happy. Would you buy a house without getting a house inspection? No, you wouldn't. It is a huge investment that you do not take lightly. This is how you need to start to see your website, as an investment.

I am here to help the layperson make the best decisions possible, my insights into this industry come from my years of real world experience. Sometimes the simplest things can save you tons of money in the long run. Learn how to protect yourself, do not wait to get scammed.

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As your advocate I can help you understand the web development industry, teach you what to look out for and how not to fall for the common scams.

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